Recommended file structure for next.js?

Hey all - using tRPC heavily with next.js and it's great. Our main [trpc].ts file is getting huge and unwieldily - wondering what the recommendations are out there for organizing?
trash564d ago
hi, have you checked out this next example also check out the docs here: theres a recommended file structure section
Jack Fischer564d ago
Hey thanks a bunch. I think these give you the basic layout but not how to break out [trpc].ts - is it recommended to put individual query/mutations in that same trpc directory for example?
trash564d ago
i believe the starter projects shows you how to break up your routers and keep them outside the [trpc].ts file the server folder structure:
Jack Fischer563d ago
Got it thanks!!
Unknown User562d ago
julius562d ago
@latest uses v10 now too 🙂
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