How to use trpc react hooks from an external data source

Hi, I have a monorepo, nextjs and keystone cms. The cms has trpc running, and I managed to get it connected to my nextjs. Is it possible for example to use the useQuery hook with that connection? Atm I use
from "@trpc/react", but it seems to be the same as I would import it from "@trpc/client". See screenshot Thanks for any help! 🙂
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.westsaid544d ago
Hi, yes kind of, as the discussion on my other issue states: I have a type error which I cannot fix in a reproductive way. It seems to me that its just a type error as I receive data using the cmsTrpc variable as if there was no error. Although this of course stops me from building...
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.westsaid534d ago
Hey, I've uploaded a working nextjs-trpc-keystone example:
GitHub - Westsaid/nextjs-trpc-keystone-example
Contribute to Westsaid/nextjs-trpc-keystone-example development by creating an account on GitHub.
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moloch339d ago
Thanks for this repo, it was super helpful to me. Have you ever tried enabling tRPC's subscription support via websockets? struggling to get that working inside of Keystone.js's config
.westsaid339d ago
Hi, glad it was super helpful for you 😊 Unfortunatly no, didnt touch subscriptions yet
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