msmps2y ago

Audit logging middleware?

I’m required for regulatory reasons to log all actions that are taken in my application for auditing and if they were successful or not. Imagine - user successfully updated a resource, user viewed <x> resource. Is there a best practice to implementing such behaviour with tRPC? I was originally thinking about a middleware but it would need to know if the action was successful post request. Thanks all.
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Nick2y ago
Middleware is definitely one way, but it’s a fairly blunt instrument. If you want entity aware audit logging then that’s something you’d probably incorporate into some service classes which handle the database interactions You can have a middleware which gets appended after input/output is defined on a procedure, I believe, which might open some interesting doors too
vildantursic10mo ago
@msmps have you found anything interesting? I am also having same requirement and trying to figure out best solution 😄