Mutation or query for something that updates db, but runs on every app load?

I have 2 operations that need to run before showing my app UI. Those operations perform updates in DB. Should they be TRPC mutations or queries?
Generally, mutations But if it's something like getting a session then a Query could be argued for. Queries are often passive in UIs, particularly with react-query: you just declare you need the result. Mutations are more active, you have to call them explicitly
This perform sync of external data based on which i display content of the app later on Thanks for your input
this sounds like a situation where it’s not ultra clear which is better. IMO, choose the one that is easier to deal with on the front end. useQuery and useMutation have very different front end behaviors but are basically identical on the backend in trpc, one is probably going to be a lot easier to use when building out ur front end logics, so use that one. No one is going to be able to know which is easier for you in this situation except you, probably I had a situation like this recently where I asked around on twitter which made more sense for my situation. Everyone said “query” when in fact a useMutation ended being a lot easier to use for my case

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