Kimblis17mo ago

trpc/react-query batching

Hi. How do you deal with batching? If I don't put any maxURLLength then I get an error 404 since it cuts of some of the requests urls... If I put url length then some requests just does not get executed since url is getting too long. I was thinking about max batching size however react-query does not have that... Any ideas on how to best deal with this?
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Nick17mo ago
How are you mounting your backend? I've seen fastify has a pretty small URL limit set which you can raise in its config Other servers YMMV
Alex / KATT 🐱
Alex / KATT 🐱17mo ago
Max url size depends on both the infra, the browser, and the library you choose to use for the backend
Kimblis17mo ago
Yeah, you were right, it was the problem from fastify, thank you guys ❤️ n1