How to call useQuery with params inside JSX

How can i achieve this? Thanks

export function MemberQueryList({ list }: Props) {
function checkIsOwner(housingAssociationId: string, memberId: string) {
    const isOwner = trpc.housingAssociation.checkIfOwner.useQuery({

    return isOwner.data?.ok ?? false;
  const navigate = useNavigate();
  const userId = getSubFromLocalStorage() ?? "";
  return (
      {list.map((housingAssociation: listData) => {
        const isOwner = checkIsOwner(housingAssociation.id, housingAssociation.userId);
        return (
            onClick={() => {
You’re not following the rules of hooks! https://legacy.reactjs.org/docs/hooks-rules.html
In short, you should move your useQuery hook to inside <BoardCard>
Basically, you can’t call a hook inside a loop (because react then can’t tell which one is which). So you need to move the logic to the top level of a component, and from the look of your code you should just pass userId to <BoardCard> and have it check isOwner inside there
Also - you’ve written a function checkIsOwner. You can call hooks inside functions you write, but you must then treat that function like a hook. In your case, you’d want to rename it to useHousingAssocIsOwner(assocId, userId) and then move it to the top level of a component
Thank you for the clarification!

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