New to tRPC and Need Help with Basics

I made a new T3 app, but I don't quite understand how tRPC works, and I would love to get some help and insight in this. If you could get on a call with me on Discord, I would appreciate that more because then I could share my screen and get more help and information out of the conversation. Let me know if you're available.
DNA370d ago
Don't be afraid to ping me if you're able to help I don't mind pings
Nick370d ago
Have you been through the quickstart guide? It's not perfect, but we just merged some big improvements to it There is also some youtube content from a couple creators
Unknown User370d ago
DNA358d ago
I didn't find it as helpful as I thought I would I'm primarily interested in how I can validate the z.object({z.string}) validation using the API endpoint call localhost:3000/api/trpc/example.hello?input={text:'hello'}, but URI encoded. Please help me out.
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