Stack trace in Client?

I've just found that in production I can see stack trace for TRPCErrors. Isin't it supposed to not show it? Checking on development build with isDev for initTRPC doesn't seem to work at all. I've set it to false but I can see still stack trace too. Also is it good idea to have loggerLink enabled in production?
Mugetsu374d ago
Nick374d ago
This should only happen in dev mode I believe, check what your NODE_ENV is set to maybe?
Mugetsu371d ago
I will double check on prod. But looking at this locally and playing with isDev for initTRPC it doesn't seem to work. On the other siide - Does LoggerLink is being affected by the initTRPC isDev option? I've checked and NODE_ENV is production. I've also double checked this with the and trpc integration and its the same. The stack is displayed with loggerLink although I believe that this stack trace is related to client stack and should not be a big concern ???
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