createTRPCNext Type Error + useQuery Not Defined

I'm trying to use the conventions for createTRPCNext from after converting a large legacy router a la the v9 -> v10 migration guide, however I keep getting a large type error on config({ ctx }): is not assignable to type '(info: { ctx?: NextPageContext | undefined; }) => WithTRPCConfig<Router<... Additionally, querying with old query syntax gets me this error message, and my apppages error out with a 404. The useQuery error: Property 'useQuery' does not exist on type 'CreateTRPCNextBase In my pages/_app I am doing export default trpc.withTRPC(MyApp); , where trpc is the type error-throwing export const trpc = createTRPCNext I must be missing something while following this chain to createTRPCNext. Have tried different TRPC versions, am on 10.29.1 now for all packages
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Nick316d ago
The issue was that I was using the old trpc 9 useQuery syntax rather than the new trpc 10 syntax