bytebuf12mo ago

Using tRPC and something else too? For building a mobile app / public API.

A bit noobish, but I'm starting a new project w/ the t3 stack and I'm looking to build a mobile app (the features I want can only be implemented in an app). But of course, tRPC on its own won't be able to handle that. What do yall think the best approach is here? Should I build an express server or similar (in order to tailor the api for the mobile app to improve DX or maybe even create a public API too), or use something like to add companion REST endpoints to my tRPC procedures (of course with the caviat that I won't really be able to tinker with the design - i.e. it was built for the NextJS app but I'll be using it in my mobile one)? Thank you!
GitHub - jlalmes/trpc-openapi: OpenAPI support for tRPC 🧩
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Endgame101312mo ago
I would try using the trpc open api extension first and if that doesn’t fit your needs, I have found GraphQL to work well on mobile.