Example for tRPC, stable version, with RSC

Hi This may be a stupid question... The readme of the experimental example mentions
Note You can already use tRPC with app directory, by: using @trpc/client directly in components (both RSC and non-RSC) use @trpc/next for client components
What do you mean by this? Do you have an example for that using the current stable version of tRPC? Especially the part for the RSC components. I currently wouldn't mind to use tRPC in a non-optimal RSC way. But I would like to use Next's app directory to colocate files (and not having to have code in a completely different pages directory).
Alex / KATT 🐱
Alex / KATT 🐱•304d ago
what do you miss from tRPC when using RSC? if you're only doing a web app
michaelschufi•304d ago
I think I'm just confused on what works right now (stable API) and what is actually experimental. As I understand it, in an RSC you do const data = await myServerFunction(); return <div>{data}</div> and it will be rendered on the server. How can I do this with tRPC? Do I need to use experimental_createTRPCNextAppDirServer so I can stuff like await api.greeting.query({ text: 'from server1' });? Or can I use stable APIs to achieve the same thing? I'm probably just misunderstanding the relationship between tRPC, RSCs & client components ... As I understand. The new RSCs run on the server, and we can do async calls right inside the component - to e.g. fetch something from a database. This means I can just import the function that queries the DB. Also, those components get streamed to the client, so loading can happen in parallel afaik. But whenever I'm in a client component, I need to go over HTTP, meaning I cannot just import the function, I lose all type safety 😦 -> tRPC solves that 😀 So, if I want to do the same query in an RSC and a non-RSC, I want to use tRPC because of the type safety. What's a good way to do that? Should I just extract the body of the query/mutation into a function, so I can import it in the RSC and use tRPC's ...useMutation hook in non-RSCs?
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