Losing type inference in vs-code

Hey, I'm having quite some trouble with type inference today. I create my client inside of function that returns it with
I can clearly see the type of the client object inside of the function. Most of the times after importing and calling my function from another file, I can't see the type anymore... What's even more interesting is that IntelliSense does show the paths... Sometimes I can see the type for a few seconds but this is really rare. It seems the typescript lsp in not working correctly, it's the only thing i could think of, do you have any ideas of what's happening ? Version : - Node : 20.3.0 - tsc : 5.1.6 - @trpc/client && @trpc/server : 10.35.0 The Front-end is a SvelteKit project if this can change anything...
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La grande muraille
Found the problem, seems like the tsconfig on the backend side had a parameter that was blocking the type inference. I deleted the file and created a new one and it worked.