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Am I able to use "multer" with trpc?

Im currently trying to implement file uploads within a T3 app using S3. I am following along with a youtube tutorial ( as this is a new area for me and I am unable to translate how I could use multer with my current stack. If there is a way, how do I do it? If not, what are some alternative solutions? For those unaware, the T3 stack includes - NextJS - tRPC - Prisma - Typescript Thank you for your time
Sam Meech-Ward
Storing Images in S3 from Node Server
Learn how to store your web app's files in an s3 bucket. Upload, Download, Update, and Delete images from the s3 bucket. Uploading an image goes through the express server allowing us to modify the image before it's stored in the s3 bucket. Downloading the image happens directly from the s3 bucket to put less strain on the server and make it ...
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