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re validation on static site next js 13

Hi, does any one know how to make revaluation when I’m fetching data on the server client from DB with usage of trpc react query? import AddTodo from '@/app/(routes)/(account)/todo/_components/AddTodo' import { TodoList } from '@/app/_components' import { serverClient } from '@/app/_utils/api/serverClient' export const metadata = { title: 'Todos', description: 'list of my todos', } export default async function Todos() { const initialTodos = await serverClient.todoService.getAll() return ( <main className='flex min-h-screen flex-col items-center justify-between space-y-8 bg-gray-100 p-12'> <h1 className='text-3xl font-bold'>Todo </h1> <div className='w-full max-w-xl'> <AddTodo /> <TodoList initialTodos={initialTodos} /> </div> </main ) } Right now it’s SSG and I want it to be ISR
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