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trpc in a pnpm monorepo

Hi all šŸ‘‹ I was wondering if there is a recommended setup for monorepos, in our case with pnpm workspaces. app1 is a node.js service (node v18.16.0) with the trpc server. We are using zod for validation and type inference. app2 is an Angular-based Ionic app (Angular v14, Ionic v7). This one is supposed to be the first trpc client. We are now wondering what's the best practice for importing the server definitions. Importing the core service workspace-style as a dependency in package.json? And if so, how to configure Typescript to resolve paths and typings right? Or should we use relative paths as often shown in the official examples? We are happy to showcase this (blogpost or the like) once we achieved a well designed solution. šŸ––
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