is Nextjs enough as backend?

Hi guys, I'm new to tRPC and would like to rewrite my current project to use single monorepo instead. It has: Nestjs (API), Nextjs (Frontend), React-Native/Expo (Mobile). I've been looking into some examples using those stacks to do minimal restruction, but none of them are using external backend, only Nextjs. This might not be tRPC related, but looks like it's something like "tRPC practice" 🙂 Is Nextjs really enough as backend?
funki249d ago
@hoxsan next.js is absolutely suitable as a backend. it's just not a "batteries-included-backend" like nest.js or laravel or spring boot. you need to bring your own DB and auth integrations unless you're using a preset like T3 or other starter templates. so purely from an API/backend kind of view you can think of next.js as similarly feature-filled as something like express.js.
HoXsan249d ago
Thanks! My goal was using T3. But it seems like a trouble with authentication with react native :/
ManuRodgers242d ago
try clerk
HoXsan242d ago
I am looking for a solution without external (priced) service 🙂 I know there is free tier
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