zodiak8mo ago

What would be considered best practice for getting data and invalidating queries?

I have a really simple task management app (doing it to learn stuff). Tasks are grouped in projects and have tags. I opted to load all projects, including the tasks and the tags on the tasks with a single query. When I add a new task or a tag, what would be the recommended way to update the data? - Invalidate the query to the big procedure and reload everything? - Separate the loading the data into different queries? - There is a way to invalidate only part of the big query? - Something else?
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David8mo ago
In case you are still looking for the answer, you could use optimistic updates. https://tanstack.com/query/v4/docs/react/guides/optimistic-updates
Optimistic Updates | TanStack Query Docs
When you optimistically update your state before performing a mutation, there is a chance that the mutation will fail. In most of these failure cases, you can just trigger a refetch for your optimistic queries to revert them to their true server state. In some circumstances though, refetching may not work correctly and the mutation error could ...