trpc Pagination

Does somebody have any example how can i do pagination in trpc and react query?
vildantursic195d ago
Hi, I haven't had that usecase but I was mostly refering to Tanstack React Query docs, whatever you do with react query you can do with TRPC wrapper. I would pass query params to trpc route (page, limit) and do logic in trpc route and keep (page and limit) on client. This might help
React Query Pagination Example | TanStack Query Docs
An example showing how to implement Pagination in React Query
DxD195d ago
danke i will try it
Nick195d ago
You can also do a infinite query which is RQ, but we have a special extension of it for type safety:
useInfiniteQuery | tRPC
- Your procedure needs to accept a cursor input of any type (string, number, etc) to expose this hook.
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