Rule•8mo ago

tRPC with with react-query prefetching in Next.js app directory.

Hi. What is currently the best way to do prefetching in Next.js app directory when using @tanstack/react-query and Next.js app directories?
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wleistra•8mo ago
I would also like to know what the best way is
noahsolomon•8mo ago
gui•8mo ago
markit•7mo ago
same 🤷‍♂️
TkDodo 🔮
TkDodo 🔮•7mo ago
We have an excellent new guide in the v5 docs:
Server Rendering & Hydration | TanStack Query Docs
In this guide you'll learn how to use React Query with server rendering. See the guide on Prefetching & Router Integration for some background. You might also want to check out the Performance & Request Waterfalls guide before that.
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