Proper way to revalidate SSR but from Client Side, ie. after a success Mutation.

RGRuslan Gonzalez10/18/2023
This question has been also posted on an specific thread but posting this here will allow people to also find a quicker solution. Hopefully the question is self explanatory. But someone has any question about my approach let me know, I'll be happy to clearify it. https://discord.com/channels/867764511159091230/1072167092545138770/1164149856189808682
Did you manage to figure this out? I have the data generated in a server component and then when I trigger an create mutation(from the front end), I want to attach the new item in the list. Is there an "automated" way to do this or I need to have client component to re-fetch the data and to be able to invalidate?

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