Project structure ?

I greatly appreciate for your insight on this, especially if you're an experienced fullstack dev: Background: I'm a junior dev (just a little over 1 yoe), started my job doing everything frontend related for multiple projects (since the "fullstack" devs in team prefer backend/infra/devops work, so naturally I'm the one to handle the frontend), and now, at this point of my career, I'm gradually assigned to the role of a fullstack dev. The team's dynamic is pretty weird at this point, since all of my (should be) mentors/senior have all left because various reasons, so fwiw, I'm the only one who knows JS/TS for the upcoming project which means I'll be in full responsible for everything in its dev scope. Now I know that it sounds kinda overwhelming for some guy who only knows frontend like me, but the manager assured that it'll be just a small project (more like an admin monitoring dashboard with simple CRUD operations and some charts, that's what he said 🤷‍♂️ ), and he's been generously given me a 2-months preparation period (and somewhat allured that if I'm not enough qualified to handle the project, I should be "considering new opportunities" - being laid off if that's what implied). Now, I've been ramping up the basics of backend development and looking into some recommendations of the most common fullstack TS project architectures, and I've decided to go with this: using Turborepo to manage a monorepo for both the frontend and backend, with the frontend using Astro - React - Tailwind, the backend with Express - Prisma and trpc as the api handler with GitLab CI for the pipeline, and, you know, the usual Docker - k8s for the deployment stuff. And I know it's common sense to include a test suite (with Jest, Playwright, whatever,...) but it seems like my team has been doing well with manual testing, so, we'll skip that for now. The real question: Is that a practical project architecture for my case, and if not, would you mind suggesting your take on this?
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For more context, the 2 months period is coming to an end (we're suppose to start it on 9th November), and I know some of you may suggest to find a new job already, you know, for higher pay to match with my "fullstack" ability, and to be honest, I've been prepping for interviews since August, applied to several places, pretty much get ghosted, all the time, the market is rough I know, so for now, with this "opportunity" to be a fullstack dev, I'd be better to give it all to this project and learn as much as possible along the way, then seriously, all-in applying for a new job in around the first quarter of 2024. And then again, I know it's a bit too much to ask, is that a good move, or you'd suggest something else ?
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@₹Δฤↁ໑ლ ☣ Ǥປץ I'd be concerned with the complexity of that stack. Personally I'd just full send on a t3 stack app in your situation. Prisma tailwind and trpc will already be integrated for you, nextauth as well if you choose it. Literally only one thing to deploy/manage. Whatever stack I'd be sure you have a full POC working app ready to go come the 9th that shows the stack working end to end.