tRPC is butchering object types in return types

So if I have a mutation that returns this type
{ name?: string }
{ name?: string }
the type that tRPC infers for the mutation is
type R = ReturnType<typeof trpcClient.mut.mutate>
R = Promise<Record<"name", string | undefined>>
type R = ReturnType<typeof trpcClient.mut.mutate>
R = Promise<Record<"name", string | undefined>>
This is not the same, with exactOptionalPropertyTypes. Anyone familiar with this who can provide some info about it?
Nick177d ago
Hm this might be a recent thing, there was some work done detecting record types. Could you provide a minimal repro and open a GitHub issue?
wleistra177d ago
@Bert make sure you are on version 10.44.0 or higher.
Bert177d ago
"@trpc/client": "^10.43.6", "@trpc/server": "^10.43.6", Yeah that fixed it. Thanks @wleistra (and @Nick Lucas for the effort)
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