junior17mo ago

setting up trpc in next 14

Pleaase I need help on how to integrate trpc in next js 14, please help me
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NeoBean7mo ago
does it not work in next 14?
pkfire7mo ago
personally - i recommend not bothering with the new app router and just using pages, not sure if everyone agrees with this take tho or for app router you may want to use getStaticProps or something
NeoBean7mo ago
the layout structure has indeed benefits, but for us its been more painful to switch than any benefits. so i agree too
Amr Eraky
Amr Eraky7mo ago
offical tRPC + Next.js App directory adapter: https://github.com/trpc/examples-next-app-dir
GitHub - trpc/examples-next-app-dir
Contribute to trpc/examples-next-app-dir development by creating an account on GitHub.
K1|ller7mo ago
i added trpc to next 14 having 1 issue with server components but in localhost works great. Edit: solved I haven't tried the T3 template, might be a better bet but I don't like to code into something I don't know