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Comparing tRPC and Server Actions for a SaaS Template: Seeking Insights and Advice

Hey everyone 👋, I've just posted a detailed comparison and discussion request on Reddit about tRPC vs. Server Actions in the context of a SaaS template using Next.js. My current setup uses tRPC with its experimental feature for server actions, and I'm considering a switch due to the community's lean towards server actions. Main points I'm pondering: - The abstraction and built-in features like caching in tRPC. - The need for custom implementation of these features in server actions. - The suitability of either approach for a unified API across web and mobile (React Native future plans). I'm at a crossroads and could really use your insights, especially if you've tackled similar challenges. Check out the full post and let's discuss: Reddit Post Looking forward to your thoughts and advice!
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K1|ller7mo ago
I'm new to next, isn't this like comparing express with server functions?