BillyBob7mo ago

Help understanding how to deploy tRPC in monorepo.

Hi All, I read in the FAQ that most benefits come from using tRPC in a monorepo. So if i want to build an app, that for example used tRPC with Fastify and a nextJS frontend. How exactly would this be deployed? Would it still work as expected if deploying the client and server separately to different ec2 instances for example. Am i right in thinking that the benefit comes with the type safety during development so how its deployed does not really matter?
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Krishna7mo ago
Yes you can deploy the fe & be separately… You can checkout this template for pointers
GitHub - teziapp/node-react-vite-trpc-pwa-turbo-monorepo: A templat...
A template monorepo to build a PWA using nodejs for backend & reactjs for backend. - GitHub - teziapp/node-react-vite-trpc-pwa-turbo-monorepo: A template monorepo to build a PWA using node...