React Query client errors on 401

I'm throwing a TRPCError({ code: "UNAUTHORIZED" }) in a middleware, and handling error states returned from useQuery. However, each time I return a 401 with the TRPCError I get the following client error from the tRPC client. Why does it do this? It messes up my React as well (see the second error). I thought you were supposed to throw TRPCErrors? (Note: also using Tanstack Router, and running on Vinxi so it's all kinda experimental, do tell if that's what could be causing it.)
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That looks correct to me, errors get propagated to the client so you can handle them appropriately What’s wrong in your view? Oh sorry I missed 3 words 🤗 I’d need to check but I think the browser prints all network errors to the console regardless of handling That’s something you may be able to disable in the browser dev tools

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