need help refreshing websocket

We currently are using tRPC w/ react and websockets. We’re using the URL of the websocket as the auth token to the websocket I.e. ws://localhost?token=12345 We want to be able to kill this websocket connection and reopen one with a new token, I.e. ws://localhost?token=12346 I’ve tried putting the trpcClient in react state, but when the state updates the old websocket connections stay open. I’ve also tried setting the URL with a function, and manually killing the websocket, and letting the WS automatically reconnect, but there’s no way to manually kill the websocket from the client Does anyone have advice or could like a pattern maybe where the websocket url has to dynamically change. (Or has a better way to continually authenticate a websocket connection)
Thanks in advance for any help!!!
Pretty sure if you close the websocket connection it will reopen it So you could use that as a side effect when your access code changes
Following this as I'm having the same issue

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