Server freezes when doing mutations...

I have the exact same issue as mentioned in this post: https://discord-questions.trpc.io/m/1176971701075058690 It doesn't seem to be solved and is a very recent bug, any news regarding this? My entire application is breaking because of this...
trpc mutation call stuck - tRPC
I have an issue with a simple mutation procedure: `getPublicUser: publicProcedure .input(z.object({ walletAddress: z.string() })) .mutation(async ({ ctx, input }) => { console.log('ctx.prisma: ', ctx.prisma) try { const user = await ctx.prisma.users.findUnique({ where: { walletAddress:...
If you can share a reproduction and open an issue then we can take a look, but it's very likely userland code causing the problem

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