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Anyone has successfully setup a websockets subscription with an input ?

Hi guys, here is my environment: * node v20.11.1 * yarn@4.1.0 * trpc 11.0.0-next-beta.294 * next 14.1.4 I am trying to setup a websockets subscription providing a number (or any other zod type) as input: Code example: server-side: onUpdated: publicProcedure .input(z.number()) .subscription(({ input: { id } }) => { // TODO }) client-side: api.myapi.onUpdated.useSubscription( 10, { onError(e) { console.log("not updated error => ", e); }, enabled: true, onData({ payload }) { // TODO ... }, }, ); The error I am getting is the following: TRPCClientError: Unknown error at TRPCClientError.from (http://myurl:3000/_next/static/chunks/node_modules_7616f9._.js:776:20) at (http://myurl:3000/_next/static/chunks/node_modules_7616f9._.js:2304:223) at handleIncomingResponse (http://myurl:3000/_next/static/chunks/node_modules_7616f9._.js:2155:37) at WebSocket.<anonymous> (http://myurl:3000/_next/static/chunks/node_modules_7616f9._.js:2172:21) It disappears if I remove the .input line. Very hard to debug with the "Unknown error" message... Should I open a GitHub issue? Anyone faced this issue before? Thanks 👍
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