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What do you guys think about the approach of importing/exporting tRPC types to be used in separate B

Hello, I was looking for a way to share tRPC API between multiple electron apps, I thought first about using a Nx monorepo but it turned out it's almost impossible to make it work with electron app that use electron-vite. After more research I found this repo: https://github.com/mkosir/trpc-api-boilerplate What I understood from this approach is you export the types of the tRPC server with all db types from the backend repo and you import them in any other -frontend- repo using GitHub API (Octokit). Is this approach common in general programming environments and what do you think about it? Thanks.
GitHub - mkosir/trpc-api-boilerplate: ⚒️ Minimal tRPC API boilerpla...
⚒️ Minimal tRPC API boilerplate for separate BE-FE repositories. Easily publish fully typesafe APIs that any frontend can consume. - mkosir/trpc-api-boilerplate
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