lemonek2mo ago

TRPClientError: Unexpected character

Hello, I am working on an Expo app and I seemingly randomly get the error in the picture. I don't really know why because I send many requests and sometimes it happens and sometimes not. I can provide any code that could be helpful. This the project repo: https://github.com/lmnek/run-app (I use npm and these packages ├── @trpc/client@11.0.0-rc.359 ├── @trpc/react-query@11.0.0-rc.359 ├── @trpc/server@11.0.0-rc.359)
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Usually a sign that something between the client and the server isn’t working in the infrastructure
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Nick2mo ago
Usually a sign that something between the client and the server isn’t working in the infrastructure
lemonek2mo ago
Yeah, I hosted my backend for development with localtunnel and they started to block my requests 😄
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