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All my mutations are failing due to an empty body after upgrading to 11.0.0-rc.362

TRPCError: JSON Parse error: Unexpected EOF\n at new TRPCError (/mnt/c/Users/Ángel/IdeaProjects/back/node_modules/.pnpm/@trpc+server@11.0.0-rc.362/node_modules/@trpc/server/dist/unstable-core-do-not-import/error/TRPCError.mjs:51:12)\n at <anonymous> (/mnt/c/Users/Ángel/IdeaProjects/back/node_modules/.pnpm/@trpc+server@11.0.0-rc.362/node_modules/@trpc/server/dist/unstable-core-do-not-import/http/contentType.mjs:23:30)\n at processTicksAndRejections (:12:39) I have tried debugging in http/contentType.mjs and I found the request body is coming empty even if it shows a body on the browser devtools. Originally happened after upgrading a lot of versions at once but I pinpointed it on rc.362. The mutation works fine on rc.361 even using rc.364 on the client. I am using bun as the runtime.
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