skagedal2mo ago

How can I get lint warnings for onSuccess/onError?

Maybe this isn't exactly a trpc question, but I'm thinking someone here would know. I would like to keep our project prepared for the transition to tRPC v.11 and the changes that come because of TanStack Query v.5.x. We have a lot of usage of onSuccess/onError in useQuery. So now I bumped tRPC to the latest 4.x (4.36.1) where they are marked as deprecated. I then realized that our lint setup does not warn for deprecations, so I added eslint-plugin-deprecation and enabled it per instructions. I then got a bunch of other deprecation warnings, so the plugin seems to be working, but nothing on these onSuccess / onError callbacks. Is this supposed to be working this way, or is there another way I could make it work?
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