Jorge2w ago

Endpoints lose Input and Output Types on tRPC Client

Environment: Node with Bun package manager What's wrong: The problem I am facing is that on the trpc client I am able to type safely access the routes, however the type annotation of the output and input gets lost. What I have: left here all the relevant information on my pov
Endpoints lose Input and Output Types on tRPC Client · trpc trpc · ...
I am using a turborepo monorepo where I have the trpc client on packages/shared (repo) and trpc definitions/config/routers on packages/server (@repo/server). The problem I am facing is that on the ...
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BeBoRE2w ago
Have you read the FAQ? Looks like you don't have strict enabled in your TypeScript config
Jorge2w ago
Yes I had it enabled on "extends": "@repo/tsconfig/base.json". ✅ Just found the solution:
Since I was having typescript loose references (on tsconfig's) and overall build process getting errors outside of the tRPC package, it seems like this was affecting the Type annotation of the Input and Output Types of tRPC.
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