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Pass query as prop with ProcedureUseQuery

I'm trying to pass a query to a component in my client using TypeScript, but ProcedureUseQuery seems to not be exported in @trp/react-query 11.0 (it is defined on src/createTRPCReact.tsx)

How can I set a Cookie from the server (for the login)?

This code is not working.. ``` import { initTRPC } from "@trpc/server"; import { createHTTPServer } from "@trpc/server/adapters/standalone";...
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How to get access to the types generated by the server in the frontend (React)?

In this example, how do you replace data: any to the correct type? ``` import { trpc } from "../utils/trpc"; ...

Types not being shared with the frontend

Hello, I am currently trying to follow a guide to setup a new project and encountering this error in the client: ``` Property 'greet' does not exist on type 'TRPCClient<CreateRouterInner<RootConfig<{ ctx: { event: APIGatewayProxyEvent; apiVersion: string; user: string | undefined; }; meta: object; errorShape: DefaultErrorShape; transformer: DefaultDataTransformer; }>, { ...; }>>'.ts(2339)...
switching to createTRPCProxyClient solved this problem

How can you extract the mutation type signature?

Hi folks, this isn't a major issue and not blocking by any stretch. I was hoping to abstract my mutation callback so that I can keep my router relatively flat. ```...

How to treat mongoose/mongodb ObjectIDs as their serialized string values on the frontend?

Node Environment Version: v20.10.0 Package Manager: PNPM Workspaces Repo Setup: Monorepo/Turborepo Environment: WSL with VSCode ...

Union context type to allow incremental upgrade to App router

Hi there. We have a tRPC API that is currently being served from the NextJS Pages router. We're looking to migrate to the App router, and in the process I am being tasked with finding a way to reuse all of our existing routers/routes. I have the new app-router-router setup and serving requests, and now I'm trying to find a way to hook up to our existing routes. The issue is, the two context objects seem to be incompatible. One has the Pages router Req and Res properties, while the other just has the Req property. Otherwise, the types are exactly the same. I have handling so that all of our middleware works with either context type, yet defining base procedures results in a type error. Is there any way I can rectify this, so that for example, our teamProcedure would work on two different types of context? I've managed to figure everything else out, except for this. Thanks!...
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Transform server response on the client before caching

How can I transform the server response on the client before putting it in the cache? Is it necessary to use a vanilla client or is there a way to do it while using the tanstack query integration?

TypeError: Cannot read property 'useState' of null

I followed the documentation to use @trpc/client in react. I am using Expo React Native and Expo App Router here is the provider ```tsx import { QueryClient, QueryClientProvider } from "@tanstack/react-query";...
Downgrade to latest versions not "next" versions. But mainly the mistake was that it is a monorepo so the packages were being installed twice .. once in the package folder and one in the root and I was mixing things up

Procedure shows as `any` unless it's a mutation

Hey 👋 I'm trying to create a small monorepo FE/BE project in which I'm trying tRPC for the first time as it looks like a really cool way of building and consuming APIs. To give a bit of context, I got a separate API server using Hono, and a fresh create-next-app in which I initialised tRPC....

[TRPCClientError: opts.signal?.throwIfAborted is not a function (it is undefined)]

It's a react native app trpc v11 which works until I deleted node_modules, ran yarn install and started getting this error.

failed to parse json

calling the trpc query fails because of failed to parse JSON. this is what im calling internalApi.user.getUserById.query(); ive trying logging the incoming call in the server but the request doesnt even seem to reach the server...
next auth was filtering the endpoint
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default TRPCError, try/catch & dealing with DatabaseErrors

Hi there! I'm quite new to tRPC and was hoping that someone could help me out with some general questions related to errors and errorhandling. Thanks in advance! ...

Express.JS and tRPC

guys kindly what are the differences between tRPC and express, I think they do the same work, isn't?

performance profiling tool for Trpc

I used to develop in django and there used to be cprofile or gprof2dot to profile apis, is there a similar tool for trpc?

TRPCClientError: Unable to transform response from server

I'm having a problem with tRPC Client, I'm using TurboRepo, I created the API with Fastify, TypeScript and tRPC for the backend. For the frontend, I'm using Next.JS, TypeScript and tRPC. It works, the cookies are being set, but it is always returning this error: "TRPCClientError: Unable to transform response from server".

How to improve typescript performance?

The inferred type of this node exceeds the maximum length the compiler will serialize. An explicit type annotation is needed.ts(7056) 😢 😢
tRPC has long been my favorite tool to use. However, as time has passed, my application has grown slightly bigger, and now I cannot see how it will be possible for me to continue using it... I need a way for tRPC to be scalable, to allow for the creation of hundreds of endpoints and not have to constantly worry about my editor performance. But... it's getting increasingly hard to do this. So much so that I am considering moving off it to something more scalable....
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websocket testing

anyone know how to test trpc websockets using something like Insomina or Postman? What url etc.

Cron job with tRPC

can I make a cron job using tRPC? I would like a tRPC endpoint to be called periodically by the same Next.js application that also hosts the tRPC api, meaning I cannot use an external service to make the request to the app. Is this possible somehow? In plain typescript, this would be something like a setInterval function that would call the server side function caller every n seconds.

UseQuery iterator not working for me

I am on tRPC v11. Using the example provided in the documentation under "streaming responses using async generators" (re: I get the following error in the client:
Cannot use stream-like response in non-streaming request - use httpBatchStreamLink
Cannot use stream-like response in non-streaming request - use httpBatchStreamLink