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is it possible to send error codes that aren't listed (eg 503 - service unavailable)

When creating a TRPCError you can specify a code out of the ones listed on the docs But out of these, the only 5xx error is internal server error. I would like to send a 503 to indicate that the request was properly formatted, but the server isn't ready to handle it yet. It's not necessarily a server error....

Next 14 app router

Is there any docs for NextJS 14 app router integration ?

experimental_nextAppDirCaller ERROR

Hey y'all 🙂 I'm reading new blog post by @julius about TRCP with Next Server Actions approach. Was following the steps to use ...

Generic query type

Does TRPC offer a generic query type? I am thinking of a type where I can control the input/output interface, and then be allowed to pass any query with those interfaces?

How to prevent leaking error messages to client?

Hey everyone! I noticed that TRPC seems to log quite extensive error codes in the response body of failed requests, even in production builds. I really don't want my users to be able to see e.g. Error: connect ECONNREFUSED\n at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1555:16)\n Thanks!...
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TRPC NUXT req run 2 times(on server and client)

Hi everyone, I have a problem using DataCache in SSR. I am using this function to "GET" my plan. But every time I navigate to this page, I see an http request. It's like the data is not being cached......
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405 error

this is my set up
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useUtils().setQueriesData should not take input as param.

In react query spec, setQueriesData takes filters and updater as parameters. For me it does not make sense to have a required input param since it targets a specific query. What's the difference with setQueryData ?...

client unable to infer output types

I'm using v11 of trpc in tandem with drizzle on my backend. The client is a react native app. I've spent several hours trying to figure out why my outputs are inferred as Any. when I check the type on the backend I get the correct type so it's only happening on the client. for example product.list is a drizzle query that return an array of product but this is what I get. ```type LIST /* LIST is Any */ = RouterOutputs["product"]["list"];...

How to access the request body in the onError callback?

Hi 👋 I'm having trouble getting the request's body (probably plain text) when the following error occurs in the fetchRequestHandler: ``` TRPCError: "input" needs to be an object when doing a batch call...

Make meta in react-query type-safe.

So right now I have to write something like ```typescript *.useQuery({}, { meta: { mfa: false...

Using tRPC (createCallerFactory) with react-query.

Hey guys. Do you know any recipe that would make that approach possible? I'm receiving following error: Property 'runtime' is missing in type 'DecoratedProcedureRecord<{ subscribe: Router<{ _config: RootConfig<{ ctx: RevPopClientContext; meta: object; errorShape: DefaultErrorShape; transformer: DefaultDataTransformer; }>; ... 5 more ...; subscriptions: {}; }> & { ...; }; }> & { ...; }' but required in type 'TRPCClient<Router<{ _config: RootConfig<{ ctx: RevPopClientContext; meta: object; errorShape: DefaultErrorShape; transformer: DefaultDataTransformer; }>; ... 5 more ...; subscriptions: {}; }> & { ...; }>'.ts(2741) createTRPCClient.d.ts(11, 14): 'runtime' is declared here....
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Losing type-safety with merged routers

When using router exported from an external file, I lose any sort of type safety for the procedures on in that router. router.ts ```ts export const appRouter = router({...

Send File Back From Procedure

Is there a way to send content like this back from a tRPC procedure? ```ts const headers = { "Content-Type": "application/",...

anyone used combine function on useQueries? I can't figure where to place it in case of tRPC

I can't figure out where to pass combine function inside tRPCs useQueries implementation

conditional useQuery without input

How to use the enabled option for useQuery that doesn't has an input? ``` const { isError, error } = trpc.iam.logout.useQuery(undefined, { enabled: isEnabled,...

trpc query help

With trpc on the client side lets say I have a form component that creates a post and also a list component which displays the post on the same page, When I create a post, how do I make this list that displays the post refresh. I'm working with nextjs btw

change data from query

There is a page in which I make a query for a list of codes, and on that page you can also generate one, how do I change the data to update the list on the page without refetching?

How do I set header value from localStorage or Zustand in tRPC and React?

Hello, This is my tRPC client in my App.tsx: ```ts function App(): JSX.Element {...