Next.js app router + to set it up?

Note You can already use tRPC with app directory, by:
- using @trpc/client directly in components (both RSC and non-RSC) - use @trpc/next for client components
I saw this written in the readme of the example-next-app-dir What does this mean? How can I set it up?
Aleed.devā€¢267d ago
hey you can watch this video it explains how to setupd trpc with app router
Jack Herrington
tRPC + NextJS App Router = Simple Typesafe APIs
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Vilianā€¢267d ago
This doesn't showcase how to implement context
DrippyDogā€¢264d ago
no context still
A. Perkamentus
A. Perkamentusā€¢263d ago
See the code from the T3 Turborepo.
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